Jolly Mah Hunting Day (7 March)

As promise before, a Nici Jolly Mah Java games shared by Raquel. Here is the link

Jolly Mah Java Mobile Games

Well, this is Monkey Love Series for valentine days. Well few thing I like to comment about this monkey, 
1. The monkey is make from high quality material for sure, compare to RUSS product Gogila Love I still prefer NICI Monkey Love.
2. Very creative that they put magnet on both of their hand, so their hand can stick on each other or stick on the metal cupboard :D.

3. More cute and cartoon like than RUSS (RUSS Soft Toy slogon is “Russ Make People Happy”, but I think all their soft toys looks like making people more sad. haha..)

4. Very cute and creative Photo Clipper Design, even the price is abit over price but still worth for getting it. I like the one both hugging each others look very lovely and warm. 

Ha.. Well that is very trueful confession of a shopaholic.. my confession will be

A New Job?
May Be…

A New Girl?

A New Nici Jolly Mah?

This looks like Shaun The Sheep, I love Shaun The sheep as well specially their clay animation looks very cute and funny.

It only Cost RM 16.90, and pirated made in china… which I won’t buy it 😀

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Raquel says:

    Nice Monkey!!! Hope all of you have a good time with the mobile game!!!Kisses

  2. Shirleen says:

    A new girl?ABSOLUTELY 😀

  3. Patrick says:

    Hello, we are also a nici collector. We have a dutch website http://www.knuffelvrienden.nlWe are searching for a 50 or 80cm Monkey Lou, maybe you can help us?

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