NICI Jolly Mah Rainbow

Yesterday, I found this on eBay… :3 I think there is 2 colors, 1 is blue, another one this color

It really make my heart itchy want to own it. They place this item for auction, and there is another bider try to compete with me.

Well in the end I won the bid with GBP 11 + 3.95 posting fee. In total is GBP 14.95 equal to RM 80.80 . Consider this as my this year Birthday present.. 🙂

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  1. monsterloi says:

    there are 1 pink, 1 light blue, another one is white but the face is brown, and another with black face

  2. Raquel says:

    Oh, my God!! It’s really cute!!! I want it too!!!!By the way, I’ve just send you a mail with a little “surprise”. Hope you like it.Kisses

  3. Jared Smith says:

    @ RaquelYou can buy one here ( The colourful collection is highly collectable as they are almost impossible to find now.@EricIf you see things on ebay, check to see if it is cuddlykingdom because you may find it a little cheaper to go through their site directly. I’m so glad you got a pink sheep. An excellent addition to your collection.

  4. Raquel says:

    Thank you, Eric!!! That’s very kind of you!!Kisses from SpainRaquel

  5. haha..congrats to you! U won the bid! where’s mine? xD

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