NICI – 35cm Jolly Wolf in Action

Ricky posted a comment and ask me,
“Hi I like Jolly wolf very much too but I still have not got hold of one yet!
So which size (15, 25, 35 cm) do you think has the highest quality?”
Well, let me answer that question.
15 cm – I think is too small, you can’t hug it, but you can only display it on your table. Price wise not worth it.
25 cm – I can say, this size looks cute. You can see the picture below, all of them are 25cm.
35 cm – This one nice for hugging :D, nice for deco, and looks nice in figure..

Jolly Mah + Jolly Wolf = Friendship Forever

Please stay and enjoy the gallery. 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. omg…so cute..I want!! Give me… k? give me give me..i want i want i want…………. wuwuwuwu

  2. Raquel says:

    They are absolutely cute!!!! I collect 15 cm plushes because my house is not big at all, haha!!!Of course I’m going to send you photos of my Spanish plushes.By the way, there’s a new Jolly Mah!!! Her name is Jolly Liselle!!! Alvailable in March.See how lovely it is: from Spain. I promise to send you my photos soon.

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