Jolly Wolf – A walk in One Utama

I am so happy to receive some comments from Raquel. I waited for few months, and yet not receive any comment.. I wish Raquel can send me some of her NICI collection photo so we can share it here 🙂

Few days back I visit One Utama NICI retail shop, and i found 4 Jolly Wolf available up for grab. Today (17 Feb) I went there again, and I found out only 2 left.. So happy that another 2 Jolly Wolf found his new owner 😀

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  1. Ricky says:

    Hi I like Jolly wolf very much too but I still have not got hold of one yet!So which size (15, 25, 35 cm) do you think has the highest quality?

  2. Nicholas says:

    Greeting!sorry for posting on your very very old post.. but my girlfriend and I are big fans of Jolly Wolf. she bought him and ever since then we loved him. I went to Nici in 1Utama a month and a half ago to look for Jolly Wolf keychain but they dont sell that or any Jolly Wolf as I think it is old stock. Now they sell Jolly Hugo Wolf.I was wondering if you knew any places in KL that sell Jolly wolf keychains? I have been looking for him for ages.. cant seem to find at all!I wanted to order from the UK but with the shipping costs, I wouls pay RM150 for the keychain… which is… a bit too steep…Hope to hear a reply. Thank you.Regards,Nicholas.

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