Maxtor Basic 750GB – Buy from bad attitude sales person

Last week, just brought a new Maxtor External Hard Disk (Maxtor Basic 750GB).. RM 299.00, the price is kind of cheap but I met a terrible sales person in my life.

The scenario & conversation goes like this.

I am approached the glass counter which sold Maxtor Basic. There were no sales person come and entertaining me. Until I saw a manager asking 1 of the enployees to attain to me. (that sales person is watching some movie I think at the LCD Demo section).

The sales person looks like 25,26 years old, guy, thin n tall.

He approached me and asked me “What you want?”.

“I wan the Maxtor Basic 750GB” I Said, then he went into the cubicle counter and try to get the only 1 unit of Maxtor Basic for me.

When he hand over the box to me, I saw the box is kind of bended (kopek). Well you know, hard disk is kind of fragile stuff. So I ask “Do you still have others?” Then that staff turn over to the PC and check, then he response “Got 3 units”.

“Ok, lets see” I said.

Then he start finding around and finally get 3 box on the counter. Then I chose the nicest box among all for sure. (lol)

When that sales person saw me taking one unit only, then he ask “How many unit you want?”.

“I only need 1” I replied

Then he started to giving a black face (Get angry kind) then say “You know you giving me so much trouble, you know?”. Well I was shocked in my heart, why was this sales person that rude to the customer. But I just smile back to him, and asked where is the casher counter. He pointed towards the casher counter and continued his mumbling.

All the while, I support ALL-IT Hyper mart, but with this PROBLEMATIC attitude from the sales person, I kind of loss interest to support them… This happened at IKANO Power Center All-IT Hyper mart.

Well I am giving a good compliment for the technical and service department, they are very helpful.


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  1. Shirleen says:

    that’s why i walked away to control my mouth!.. :P.. u’re the one who wont speak out..

  2. Calvin J says:

    Bad service…. Hmmm… i can think of another case.. lots of food places has attitude problem too …really brings down the reputation of the company….=)

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