Jolly Mah – Sheep Orange Pullover

Hi all, it’s been long time I never show up. My owner keep me inside the box for so long~~~. My name is.. “Orange (Juice)”

Well let’s check what appointment I have today…..

Em…. seem like I don’t have any appointment today.. well let declar today is my lazy day…

Doing Virus Scan on my PC….

So far no virus found yet…

I know there is alot of “clone” me out there in the market, but I wish NICI collector please support the ORIGINAL please…

Since I am so free today, what am i going to do? Thinking of going out for a walk..

Get ready to go out to breathe some fresh air


Time to go out.. c you all


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  1. alvin says:

    orange is adorable! I've got a big (120) nici plushie too, black one but he's soooo dirty! LOL. i haven't washed him since 2006. kinda hard to look for nici products in the philippines. only humor post sells the authentic ones and they cost quite a lot.nice to see a blog that features our favorite jolly mah!

  2. notsopayat says:

    is there any other shops where I can buy Jolly Mah aside from humor post? Its a bit expensive if you buy it from them?

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