Camel & Ant

Hi all, I am going to take a look on NICI new series of plush The Ant & Camel. Well let start from the camel shall we,

This is the best post i can post for him.

When come to sitting, he really look a little bit like monkey.. =_=”

Yeah… looks like monkey to me…

Well this look much better 🙂

Here got an any Tattoo at his butt, haha..

The hump design kind of weird, but still it feel so nice to touch it. The smaller one is his tail, the bigger one is the hump

The Ant

Looks cute?

This is my first time purchase bug plush in NICI Series….

Say chheese..~ for the Camera…

Lazy Camel, Day Dreaming…

Well Boys and Girls.. Thanks for viewing 🙂


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