Jolly Mah Rosa is here

Finally Jolly Mah Rosa is here 🙂

Saturday night, went to One Utama to pick it up… Still got a lot for grab anyway :P. I get the 50CM one, cost RM 129.90 discounted 15% is RM 103.92. I should call it her now 😛
Just open it on Sunday night, took the photo and upload to the blog. There is additional flower on the head, and 2 pocket front of her tummy. You can actually stuck both of her hand into the pocket, looks cute too :). Looks like she is waiting for someone
The sad part will be, I still waiting for my Jolly Wolf >_<.

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  1. Tracy says:

    I got Rossa Jolly too.. But I only got one size… Check out yr Jolly’s collection, saliva coming out~

  2. SSaturn says:

    Hi,didnt update my blog lately, going to do some update soon.So happy to hear that you are collector too 🙂

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