Jolly Mah

This is 80 cm Nici – Jolly Mah.

On 24th Dec 2007, the day before XMAS. I am telling myself, tomorrow going to be XMAS already, why not I get semething to cheer myself up. Since the year 2007 such a bad year for me.

Finally, I wake myself up at 10:00am in the morning on 24 Dec 2007. After done all nessary preparation, I drove all the way to One Utama Shopping Mall to hunt for Jolly Mah.. Initially, I am planning to get smaller size (30cm) of Jolly Mah, which is similar to below picture.

But sadly, I can’t find any shop is selling this anymore. I asked the shop keeper when will they restock on this model. They told me that there is no restock at this moment of time, and they dunno when will restock as well.

So I continue my hunt in the same, then I found this 80CM Jolly Mah. Actually I notice him for quite some time already… I think is already almost a year, no one is buying him back home. When I look at the price tag, then I think that is the main reason why no one is buying him home. After 20 minutes of browsing in the shop, I finally decide to buy that 80CM Jolly Mah with some discount given by the shop keeper.

Ok, now I finally get it. 80cm tall of Jolly Mah. Before leaving the shop, I am like thinking how am I going to carry him back to my car? Won’t it look weird a guy like me carry such a big soft toy walking around the Mall. haha… don’t ever imagine that.

Anyway, so lucky that we able to find a big box to put him in and send him back to my home. On the way back to my car, I found out that he is fat and heavy. when think about it, same thing I telling myself. I should cut some weight as well. haha.

Thanks to NICI, you make me happy.


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  1. Jared Smith says:

    Your Jolly Mah is cool! I’ve seen some available online that are even bigger, 160cm tall! My fiance and I are big Nici fans and our collection started with Jolly Mah. Unfortunately we can’t buy Jolly Mah this big in shops in Australia. Does he have a prominent place in your home?

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